The Stewardship and Evangelism Department was formerly called Mission and Evangelism. The name changed due to an argument that everything that is done by the church is under God's mission (Missio Dei) Hence the name was inevitably to be changed. 

This department is aimed at imparting knowledge to church and community members on how to be stewards of God's creation and participate in doing evangelism which enables people to believe in God through His son Jesus Christ and realate with people of other faiths for co-existence and peace making. 

The Department has three sub-sectios:

a) Evangelism Section: Is done through 9 deaneries, 76 parishes and 347 congregations. This involves the ministry of word and sacraments

b) Stewardship Section: Is done through seminars, workshops, camps and services in congregations

c) Interfaith Section: Is done by mobilizing and convening people with religious background through life dialogue and creating better understanding of each other's religions


Stewardship initiative is traced back to 1961 .Biblically Stewardship rests on the fact that God is the owner of all creation and in this case the parishes and congregations are the centres for imparting knowledge regarding stewardship and how people should manage creation on behalf of their creator. They should ensure that Resources entrusted to all parishioners are properly managed, hoping that accountability will lead to more giving or contributing for church work, as per Biblical understanding. 

The stewardship sub-section is there to: 

1. Mobilize and evaluate church services attendance

2. Mobilize internal and external resources and guide the utilization of the resources available to meet the needs of the Diocese.                    

3. Encourage the Parishioners to plan ambitiously and strategically to reach the Diocesan and individual Goal, which is Self Reliance.

4. Plan, budget, monitor and evaluate periodic giving

5. Give training on stewardship and self reliance. 

6. To sensitize community on environmental conservation


The income is mobilized through:

            1.        Contribution through pledges

            2.        Collect (money & other goods and products)

            3.        Thanks Giving and Harvests       

            4.        Special contributions for specific work/activities