About us

About us


The North Western Diocese (NWD) is one of the other 23 dioceses which form the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). Although it is part of and abides by the constitution of the nationwide ELCT, the diocese is an autonomous institution, with its own constitution for managing its internal affairs.

The NWD as a church is called and sent by God to bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and serve God’s people. From its early days, the NWD has understood itself to have evangelism and social action roles as two sides of the same coin. Therefore, it has engaged itself in both, preaching the gospel as well as participating in development activities in the services of the people of all faiths in her geographical area of operation.

We are are fully autonomous institution, and legally recognized. It is located in Kagera region in the northern corner of Tanzania west of lake Victoria Operates in two regions of Tanzania (five districts of Kagera and one district of Geita).

We operates in a total population of people 2,458,023 in which 172,459 are NWD church members, a second church in the region after roman catholic followed by Anglican, Pentecost and others are members of Muslim and tradition regions.

NWD established officially in 1910 on the lead of Bethel missionaries (German) however, informally can be traced back since 1896 under the lead of local resident traders in Buhaya who were traders in Uganda, one of our neighbor countries.