The Kati (central) District of the ELCT/North Western Diocese serves about one-third of the Northern part of Muleba government district. It extends into about one –tenth of South – Western Bukoba government district. The Church District covers a total of 3,840 sq km, and accounts for 17,705 Lutheran adherents.

Any visitor into the central District will encounter many important features and institutions. These are,

1.The wide and calm bay at Kemondo. It is 20 kilometers south from Bukoba town.

2.The water falls at Bugonzi feature a special scenery, especially at the peak of the rainy season which is April of each year. The source of the falls is on a plateau, some 130 meters above the base of the falls.

3.Ndolage hospital  constructed on one of the highest plateau in Kagera region, it is possible to see as far east as the Lake Victoria island of Bumbire and other islands, some 100 kilometers.

2.2 The composition and administration of the District

The Central District with its main office at Kanazi (Nearby Kemondo Bay) is one of the nine (9) Church Districts of the North Western Diocese. It is composed of four (4) Parishes and 24 Congregations. The Parishes are Kanazi, Kashumbiliro, Ndolage and Ibuga.

Each Parish is served by one Pastor and various Evangelists according to the size of the Parish with its various Congregations, with an exception of Ndolage Parish where there are two (2) Pastors, whereby one Pastor is responsible to care for the Ndolage hospital as a hospital Chaplain.

The District is administered and served by 6 Pastors, 26 Evangelists and 1 retired Pastor.

The District has Women and Children, Stewardship and Youth Desks in cooperation with HUYAWA and Human rights desks

The governance of the District and Parishes with their Congregation is through church central committees and boards at all levels.

We have partnerships for all parishes:


The partnership between Kanazi Parish and Vittangi Sweden started 2005. We received a letter from the General Secretary of our Diocese Mr Godwin Lwezaura which informed that we were chosen by The Executive Committee of our Diocese to have partnership with Vittangi Parish in Sweden; the same year we received 18 people from Vittangi who visited our parish.

Since February 3rd to February 17th 2009, four people from Kanazi Parish visited Vittangi were well received.

Kanazi Parish keeps in touch with Vittangi by phones, sms and e – mail.


Ibuga parish is linked with Vreta Kloster parish in Sweden. The partnership was officially launched in November 2005. The covenant was signed between pastor Per Edler who was the Vicar in Vreta Kloster parish and the general secretary Mr Godwin Rwezaula together with leaders of partnership committee in Ibuga parish.

Through this partnership, the two parishes share the life of our churches and mutually try to learn from each other in developing Christian love and belief showing that we all belong to worldwide church.


Our partnership has the following significance:

1. Commitment of mutual intercession as the expression of the foundation of our relationship.

2. Exchange of information about important events in our church life, theology and diaconal work.

3. Exchange of experiences of the mission and ministry of the church in our different context.

4. Exchange of written information and prayer subjects at least four tomes per year.

Mutual visits.


The following benefits have been obtained since the partnership commenced:    

1.Each side has visited the other three times.

2.Gifts have been sent to both sides.

3.Sharing of experience about church life in Tanzania and Sweden.

4.Training two evangelists in Ibuga parish by the support of Vreta Kloster parish.

5.Providing 440 iron sheets to the community of Bulembo during calamity of strong wind which destroyed houses and crops.

6.Supporting the extension of Bulembo church. The first grant was 2,400 USD and the second grant was 471 USD.


Each side appoints a contract committee for the partnership; the committee exists for five years.

The chart below shows the pastors and chair persons who have played their roles in the sustainable friendship between Vreta Kloster and Ibuga parish.






Philemon Kagimbo

Jonas Mutashubilwa



Dunstan Kaijage

Mugisha Kigembe



Edward Mutashobya

Mugisha Kigembe



Jackson Luguma

Mugisha Kigembe



Per Edler

Mr Mathias

Vreter Kloster


Sverker Linge

Mr Mathias

Vreter Kloster



Rev. Magnus( coordinator)

Vreter Kloster


  1.NDOLAGE PARISH                         

The partnership between Ndolage parish and St. Olvs Parish in Sweden started in October 2008. This was triggered by the first visit of four people from St, Olvs lead by Re. Jan Lundman who visited Ndolage on 12th,2008 and signed a partnership agreement that was signed on the other part by the Parish Pastor Rev. Godwin Lubere.

It is encouraging that the partnership has been growing day after day. Visit exchanges and experience sharing through various communication channels have been the core gear of this partnership.

Through visit exchange groups from Sweden have been visiting Tanzania as well as the groups from Tanzania have visited Sweden several times with the same purpose. The last visit of a choir group with 21 people from St. Olvs Skelleftea visited Ndolage parish from 16th – 24th October 2014 with the aim of strengthening the partnership through sharing joys, singing together, dancing together, family visits and hosting cultural to mention a few.

On the same tune, St. Olvs parish organized a return visit in which a choir group with ten members visited Sweden from 21st May 2015 to 2rd June 2015. This was also a memorable period that strongly strengthened the partnership.

In addition St. Olvs has been supporting some project at Ndolage parish as follows:

1.    Two young people were supported with scholarship to study course as evangelists.

2.   Capacity building for evangelists from all congregations in the parish who were sponsored for a refresher course that was organized and held at Ndolage in 2014.

3.   The recent support is the pridge of St. Olvs parish who promised to be hand in hand towards construction of a new church building at Ndolage parish. The first installment of their support has been disbursed and received and the construction work is going on.

Nevertheless, through this partnership, our parish was honored to host the visit of His excellence Bishop Hans Stiglund from Lullea Diocese of Sweden in which St. Olvs parish belongs. The Bishop who was accompanied by Rev. Jan Lundman and Rev. Stig visited Ndolage parish on 22nd October 2015 at which Bishop Hans Stiglund laid a foundation stone at our new church building. This was not only honor but also a memorable and historical event in our parish. Moreover, we wish to thank Bishop Hans Stiglund for his pledge that he will table this project during the Diocese Council meeting in Lullea and hopefully the support will come out.

By the District pastor: Rev. Brighton Kahigi



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