KASKAZINI B ( MISSENYI)

   Kaskazini B district was officially opened on February 5th 1984, being comprised of 3 parishes namely Kyaka, Missenyi ( Kashozi) and Ngando. Minziro parish was formed in 1991. On 25th January 2009 the parish of Bugango was also opend, making the total number of 5 parishes altogether in the church district. The district covers the whole area of Missenye division as its catchment area.

Since the its inauguration, the church district has been headed by the pastors as follows;

Rev. Hezekie Balira 1984-1993

Rev. Abel Lwabuhungu 1993-2001

Rev. Christian Sindano 2002-2006

Rev. Mathias Buberwa  2007-up to now.


  During the Idd Amin’s invasion (the Kagera war) in 1978/79, this area was commonly knowingly as the land of the war, since the war was fought face to face in this area as Amin was already claimed that this land is the property of Uganda. When the Tanzania president Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere (father of the nation) paid the visit in the area to inspect the war he tended to live in the house of Kashozi parish pastor, which is still in its existence at the headquarters of Kashozi parish.


  • Deterioration of good morals among the youths especially during this age globalization,
  • The economic instability due to the climatic changes.
  • The raise and increase of different denominations/ teachings which some of them cause craziness to some of our people.



  • Despite the challenges there are so many achievements. The following are some of them;
  • We have managed to spread abroad Gospel to Christians and non Christians. The number of believers (Christians) is increased from 1922 the year to 15,845 to date. This matches together with the increase of the worshiping places (churches), from 15 (19840 to 35 at present.
  • Instruction/ education on entrepreneurship has changed the standard of living of our people who have utilized it in their daily lives.
  • The diaconal   work has been done to save / sharpen the lives of our people including orphans, widows, widowers, sick and the people living in vulnerable conditions.
  • Since 1984 the church district has a long-standing relationship (partnership) with the church District of Ludenscheid-Plettenberg ,Germany.


Rev. Mathias Buberwa 


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