BUKOBA CHURCH DISTRICT
Bukoba church district is one of the unique districts of the Northwestern diocese.
Its uniqueness lies in various aspects such as:

  • It is the home of the oldest church – Kashura which succeeded the church in the catacomb.
  • The Bukoba Cathedral is where the diocesan Bishop’s seat is and the only district led by the Dean of Bukoba who is also the Assistant to the Bishop.
  • It is the smallest district with only two parishes: Kashura and Cathedral parish..
  • As of now it is the home of the Bukoba Municipality, district and regional headquarters.

Bukoba district started back in ------------------. It is as old as the Northwestern diocese.
Her first district pastor was the late Dean Mathias Lutosha succeeded by the late Rev Dean Sebastian Rutahoire and then the late Rev Dean Ezekiel Balira. After Balira came Dean Samson Mushemba who was succeeded by the Rev Dean Wilson Kyakajumba and again succeeded by Dean Samson Mushemba. Dean Mushemba was then succeeded by the Rev Dean Wilson Lugakingira. The successor of Dean Lugakingira [19 was the Rev Bernard Kyamanywa [1998-2002, and then the Rev Dean Phenihas Lwakatare 2002-2004], then Rev Dean Lawrence Nshombo [2004-2011] and the incumbent, the Rev Dean Lermy Lwankomezi [from 2011 t0 present]  
The district has only two parishes namely: Kashura parish [mother church; [1408 members] 19……., now with other 3 preaching centers [small congregation] meant to serve students.

  • Kibeta English Medium preaching post
  • Rugambwa Secondary preaching post
  • Kajumuro High School preaching post
  • Cathedral Parish – the church of our Savior [4550 members]. Inaugurated on the
  • 09/08/1970, with one preaching center in Kerebe Island meant to serve fishermen and some residents.


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