Huyawa (Huduma ya Watoto) meaning “Service for Children”, isone of the church’s diaconic programs working on the well-being of the growing number of the most vulnerable children. It was established in 1989 as a response to the needs which resulted from rampant deaths caused by HIV and AIDS in 1983.  The first cases of the said disease in Tanzania, was diagnosed in Kagera Region.
 Services Provided by HUYAWA

  1. -Providing psychosocial support
  2. -Providing social services such as education support and health care
  3. -Lobby work and Advocacy


  1. (i)UN Declaration of HR
  2. (ii)African Charter of HR
  3. (iii)NCPA (2012)
  4. (iv)Tanzania Child Act no.20 of 2009
  5. (v)NWD Strategic Plan and HUYAWA Strategic Plan

Development partners

  1. Church of Sweden,UEM,USAID,ELCA
  2. Nykobing Morsoe “Third World Association” Denmark
  3. Rotary Club of Bukoba
  4. Congregations within ELCT/NWD

Structure and Coverage Area

  1. -HUYAWA is firmly grounded and well placed at the grassroots whereby the needs are identified, discussed and attended to by the local HUYAWA Congregation Committees. The needs that cannot be attended to at that level are referred to the -HUYAWA head office which seeks for possible solutions.
  2. -HUYAWA provides services to 35,760 children. The identification of needs also involves the Most Vulnerable Children’s Committees composed of local government leaders and children.
  3. -The coverage area includes the districts of Bukoba Rural, Bukoba Urban, Misenye and Muleba in Kagera Region as well as Chato in the newly established Geita Region.

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