Ntoma Orphanage established by North Western Diocese in September 1952. The institution aiming to takes care of babies whom lost their mothers at birth although taking care of children whom abandoned by unknown parents.  Most of babies come from Kagera and  Geita Regions of Tanzania. The institution is able to care 30 babies at a time. Babies cared for, aged 0 – 2 years. After 2 years of age the children return to their families to continue with care by the family members.

According to our experiences most of mothers lost their life due to postpartum hemorrhage as a lot of births taking place in their homes. This happen due to customs and low economic status, that not every family can afford transportation of pregnant mother to the hospital far away from home.

  1. VISION:

        Orphaned babies got an optima parental care and growing in safe environments  


Ntoma Orphanage is committed to provision of Diaconal Services to ensure Orphaned baby getting basic needs enabling her/him to grow safely.    



a)      Provision of Parental care includes physical, psycho- social and spiritual care

b)      Working nearby District Social Welfare Officers

c)      To encourage family members of babies to keep contact with babies through regular visiting.   

d)      To find out institutions or fast families for adoption of babies whom were abandoned

e)      To make referral of children to other caring institutions in agreement with families, if relative`s environment is not friendly to our children.

  1. Increased awareness to Community members on importance of early seeking care of babies immediately after death of mothers.
  2. Some individuals with good wishes, organized social groups, Parish members and some Governmental structures willing to contribute some materials to support care of babies at the institution.

a.      Some relatives escape their responsibility to bring their contributions and keeping contact to their babies through regular visiting.

b.      Persisting outbreak of abandoned children




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