Our institution is called Igabiro home for disabled people, now is called Igabiro home for people with neutrol and physical challenges. Is one of the community support system which is belongs to ELCT/NWD.I s located in Nshamba division Muleba district in Kagera region. Is abaut 80km south of Bukoba town, the region head quarters and 15km west of Muleba district.

The home was established and opened in September 1968 after completion of buildings.the building were built by contributions of money from our beloved Christian in western Europe and Tanzania Christian. its only home in Kagera region which provides care and treatment of mentally and physically disordered patients.

                                                              Source of Igabiro

The Ideas to establisher this home was brought by rate Honorable Bishop Dr Josiah Kibira who stayed  German esp Bethel Bieletelled who sow a care of mentally and physically disordered how was. And later decided to build this home in dioceses.

                                                                 Main objecive:

The main task and goal: is to receive and to take care of mentally and physically disabled and to give them treatment and care according to each individual problems and needs.

Management of the home

All day to day activities are carried out by  8 permanent workers as following

-nurse psychiatrist

-general nurse

-nurse assistant

-watch man

Capacity of the home

The home has the capacity of admitting 40 patients in the mole mort we provides 20beds in tamale we have 20 beds. same of our patients Hospitalized for many years and have no relative who can care for them at home there fore they live in our institution for life.

Admission procedure

Patients relatives need to fill Application form which is available in our institution. After that pt should be taken to any recognized hospital to be examined by DR in order to rule out physical illness and then DR will recommend pt to be admitted to our institution. the home receives pt of all denomination not below 14yrs of age.

Daily Routine

Our daily woks start with morning devotion except on Sunday. on Sunday we conduct short Sunday services in our chapel. After that pts and workers join together in self reliance activities which are weeding in Banana and coffee plantation, washing clothes washing utensils, ironing of clothes and coffee harvesting if it’s harvesting season.

Our treatment guideline

1) Clear and Rigid day structure: it means all staff and pt they should fall our rules and regulations properly

2) Work and occupation therapy: The work therapy and the occupation therapy are the important parts of our treatment patients and staff joins together in shamba work and handcraft works. The main reason behind this idea is to keep pts busy and physically strained. By that way they also get the experience of doing something useful to the community which can contribute to their feeling of success and being needed.

3) Medical treatment here the different kind of drugs are provided after proper history taking, physiatric assessment and first diagnosis have been made.

4) Spiritual and parishe life: The patients and staff are free to join the morning devotion. even patients with other religions than the Christian take profit out of it. The morning devotion are held by workers but also by the chaplain of our institution.

5) Recreation therapy he patients  watch television reads books and magazine, this also is the good pt to our pts.

Clinic day

We offer our services in the clinic day once a week Tuesday is the clinic day from 8-4pm.We have noticed that pts feel much comfortable when they swallow drugs at there home residence under close observation with there close relative.



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