General Information

Ndolage School of Nursing is in the same premises with Ndolage Hospital, which is one of the well-known Hospitals in Kagera Region. The school is in Muleba District, about 1500km from Dar es Salaam. 60 km South West of Bukoba town, 40 km North West of Muleba District headquarter and about 5 km from Kamachumu shopping center in Kamachumu Ward.




Both the school and the hospital belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania North Western Diocese. Ndolage School of Nursing has been training nurses since 1954 with great success. In 1997 the school was upgraded from a certificate level course to an Integrated Diploma Course in Nursing and Midwifery. The school is registered and accredited by The National Council for Technical Education as well as by Tanzania Nurses and Midwives Council.

In the reporting year 2015 the school operated three nursing programs simultaneously; that is a Pre-service 3 years Diploma in Nursing program (NTA Level 6), Pre-service certificate in Nursing program (NTA Level 5) and a one year In-service Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery program (NTA Level 6).


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 School Vision

A sustainable and excellent church owned nursing institution producing competent nurses.


                                                         The school library

School Mission

Ndolage School of nursing is committed to train student nurses through modern teaching and learning technologies, good management of resources and promoting student’s welfare.

 School Philosophy

We believe that our school will maintain high standards of nursing education and stimulate students in learning and understanding the responsibilities of a professional nurse in any context.




   School Motto

Success comes through persistent efforts and determination.

 Primary Aims

To produce qualified and competent nurses and midwives who will work for The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania/North Western Diocese and serve God’s people inside and outside the country at large.





School Objectives

  1. To advertise the nursing training course and enroll eligible candidates for the course.
  1. To meet the educational needs of trainees through continuous needs assessment and planning.
  1. To promote the environment that is conducive for teaching and learning for both trainers and trainees and encourages current professional development and professionalism.
  1. To demonstrate competence in teaching through the quality of the products of our school.



All students were Tanzanians, drawn from different regions of our country, this time we had no foreign student.



School advertisements were sent out through different Medias that included local radio programs and different posters.  

The recruitment procedure was through the Central Admission System which was conducted by NACTE in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Applications were submitted through on-line. Eligible candidates were selected and each institution had to obtain a list of its selected candidates on line. Selected candidates for both certificate and diploma programs were informed and joining instructions sent to them by the principal through their contact addresses. Challenges faced in this year were, not getting adequate candidates according to our capacity. Some candidates were allocated to more than one institution, but also there was a delay in the selection process in such a way that student could not report to their respective institution on time. This caused an irregularity in reporting and delay in beginning of the 2015/2016 academic year.


    Selection Criteria

The selection of new students was done following the criteria laid down by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare- (Training department and Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council-TNMC) as follows:

  • Form four or form six graduates.
  • For the Diploma Course should have a credit in Biology, Chemistry and a pass in Physics.
  • For the certificate course eligible candidate should have a minimum pass of D in those three subjects i.e. Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  • For both levels Mathematics and English are added advantages.

Note: The selection process was done on line by NACTE together with the MoHSW.



Tanzania Students Christian Fellowship and Tanzania Youth Christians Students religious organizations were active throughout the year in various religious activities which included:

§  Leading evening prayers among students themselves at the school chapel

§  Organizing and leading Wednesday fellowships.

§  Leading Thursday evening devotion at the Hospital Chapel.

§  Singing (choir) at Ndolage congregation every Sunday and outside Ndolage on invitation.

§  Participated actively in Easter Conference competition and won the first prize.


Students continued participating in self reliance activities such as keeping school environment and their dormitories clean whereby every student has got his/her small portion to work on and maintain cleanliness weekly .They also worked in their small plots of banana plantations by weeding, planting beans and maize.


Students participated in sports especially football, volleyball and table tennis.  Occasionally they had friendly matches with other teams within the region. Sometimes they also had dances among themselves during the evening time.  But they also entertained themselves with radio programmes, television in their recreation room.  School choir, HIV/ AIDS youth club, drama were among students entertainment as well as educative activities.


1.      To purchase a stand- by  generator to back-up electricity supply in case of a cut off.

2.      Finish up the multipurpose hall ( flooring and furniture)

3.      Install an internet connection.



By: Mr. Festo  Rweyemamu ( Principal)






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