Background Information

Ndolage Hospital is located in Muleba district at Kamachumu division about 60km Western from Bukoba town. It is owned and run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – North Western Diocese (ELCT – NWD) since its establishment in 1928. It is the largest health facility of the Diocese with capacity of 260 beds and over 150 employees. It serves about 400,000 populations in Muleba District and other neighboring districts.


Hospital Objectives

(i)            To provide both curative and preventive care to the client population

(ii)          To become a supporting hospital for all health programs and projects activities carried out by the Government and Private Sectors within the catchment and service areas.

(iii)         To provide medical treatment at a good and reasonable standard both ethically and medically to all patients irrespective of their paying ability.

(iv)         To become a witness of the Living Christ in the midst of suffering.


Services Provided

It is rendering both services of a general hospital and specialized services. Specialized services rendered by the hospital are Pediatrics, Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology. Health services are rendered through several departments which are Outpatients, inpatients, Dental, Ophthalmology, Reproductive and Child Health, Care and Treatments Clinic for HIV/AIDS, Intensive Care Unit, Physiotherapy and Palliative & Home Based Care Service.



Hospital Status

Ndolage is categorized in the group of District Hospitals although because of its bed capacity and other facilities it serves as a Referral Hospital of the region. For example, it is the only hospital in Kagera region where Specialists in various fields including ophthalmology and obs/gynaecology are available most of times. Ndolage is the only hospital in Kagera with Full Time Surgeon and Paediatrician.


Vision Statement

To become a center for Holistic Health Services porttraying Jesus Christ’s Healing Ministry


Mission Statement

Delivering quality, equitable and affordable Health Services that will improve a standard of life to the community and promote morale of Health Staff at a reasonable standard.


Core Values

  1. A Client/customer is a King – Clients/Customers need to be listened, valued and respected unconditionally
  2. Honesty and Transparency – Workers need to open, honest and respectful to Clients/Customers
  3. Quality services – all health services are to be given at all levels of standards and quality
  4. Professional ethics – all professional ethics are to be strictly observed at all times
  5. Lutheran Norms and values maintained – all workers to live by all Lutheran Church norms and values
  6. Unconditional services – all srevices to be offered without descrimination of race, religion, gender, economic status and the like
  7. Display services with commintments – all workers to work with commitments at all levels
  8. Familyhood relationships – all workers belong to one big family of Ndolage Hospital
  9. Rational Drugs prescription – Prescribers to prescribe few but effective drugs


Hospital Success

Despite of all down listed challenges, the hospital managed to serve the ill-health people; and thus live by her ambitions of serving the needy equitably by providing holistic, affordable and quality services.


Hospital Challenges

The hospital is faced by several challenges, and these are:-

(i)      The dwindling economy of the hospital as a stumbling block to offering quality and adequate services.

(ii)     Ways and means of retaining qualified staff and reduce staff attrition.

(iii)     Ability to renovate the dilapidating hospital infrastructure like hospital buildings, electrical system, water system

(iv)     To keep abreast with globalization in health care delivery.

(v)      To reach more clients in the community who are unable to travel to hospital due to various reasons


Hospital Future Plans

In regard to all these challenges mentioned and not mentioned the hospital’s way forward is to:-

(i)      Liaise with the Government of Tanzania for more support in human resource and in other areas.

(ii)    To have a well planned, sizeable and manageable hospital, Upgrade into specialized services.

(iii)  To put in place schemes of maintaining qualified staff.

(iv)  To run a Training School for Clinical Officers and other supportive staffs cadres which in turn will alleviate the staff shortage and bridge the gap


Institution Details

Name and Address

Ndolage Hospital

P. O. Box 34,

Kamachumu, Kagera


Tel: +255732983304

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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