Background information

ELCT-BTHC ( Bukoba Town Centre) is situated in Kanisa Road, Bukoba Municipality in Kagera region near Lake Victoria. The center owned by, and is one of the health service initiatives of ELCT/NWD in Kagera. It was established in 2001 as Ndolage Town Clinic as a subsidiary of Ndolage Hospital. In 2011 it was upgraded and changed its name to be Bukoba Town Health Center. The health center serves Bukoba Municipal at large and part of Bukoba rural districts that surrounds Bukoba Municipality.




Our services to the community include the following:-

·       -  Outpatient services (OPD)

·       -  Inpatient services (IPD)

·       -  Oral and dental care

·       -  Medical Laboratory services

·       -  Minor surgeries

·       Ophthalmological services


   Strengths and core competencies of BTHC.


·      Experience in medical services

·      Good customers based care

·      Existing facilities

·      Good management of treasury and bills

·      Good medical record keeping

·       Good relationship with government and other faith based organization.



        Challenges facing BHTC:

·         Limited availability of diagnostic tools

·         Dependence of patient revenue to meet the centre running costs

·         Poverty in the community

·         Qualified personnel for some specialized services

·         Higher costs of medicine and medical suppliers

·         Limited availability of medical supply

·         Limited space to improve our infrastructure

             Mission and Vision



Bukoba town Health Centre aims/ intends to provision of preventive and curative services to the community through: Counseling, medical investigation, minor operation, reproductive and child health and special services including eye clinic, oral and dental care.



High quality medical care with client’s satisfaction

We hope you will join us on our journey toward providing high quality medical care with client’s satisfaction.





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