VTC  Muleba

I.   Vision:

Economic development all over the world needs Employees, who master skills and competences, which are required to produce marketable products and services. The Muleba VTC  deliver high quality of training in skills and competences, which are required in professions, for which there is a  demand in the local market. Thus this training  give young people access to well paid jobs and reasonable income.

The Centre is intend to provide commercial and computer services to local clients to ensure good quality of training, forming work culture and behaviour of the students,  gaining revenue as contribution to cost covering and future investments of the centre.The Centre is dedicated to the training of students and clients and the common wealth, but it is working like a private profit – oriented company.                           

 II.    Mission:

Muleba VCT is safeguard high quality of vocational training. Starting small with a  focus on one profession in the beginning:  commercial computer expert  

In this profession i integrated

         a)   training of  commercial processes

-          Accounting

-          Bookkeeping

-          Purchasing

-          Reporting

-          Controlling

-          Etc

b)       training in commercial information technology

-          PC handling

-          Office software (word, excel, power point +++?)

-          PC based software tools for commercial purposes


Trainers with excellent experiences, skills and competences in training. If needed, we offer practical periods in German training- or service-companies to improve skills and competences of trainers.

 Trainers and students is produce and deliver paid services  to clients in the local market. Services offered may be bookkeeping or billing etc on the traditional side and compute services and training on the IT side.

This way the permanent envolvement of trainers and students in practical work for clients will assure, that the content  of the theoretical training is well in line with market needs and technological development. It will promote experience in handling orders and solving problems from clients in the market.  This will improve the chances of  VTC-graduates to find attractive jobs after finishing the training. Every student will have access to PC  and actual commercial software tools.

Training will begin in July/August 2011 with 20 students.

Thus we start small in size, but excellent in quality.                                    

III.   Implementation

 1)      Facilities

 The VTC is located on the site near ELCT church in Muleba. The dormitory  estabilished in two existing buildings , one for boys and one for girls.

The school is built between January and June 2011:

-          two classrooms with access to electricity at every table

-          one office for trainers

-          one safe and dust-free store-room for PC laptops

  2)      Staff


               The centre  start with two trainers. One of them is the principa

- sound skills in handling and organizing commercial processes

               - accounting

               - order processing

               - purchasing

               - controlling/reporting

            -  good skills in commercial information technology

-  PC – handling

-  Office software

-   ERP systems for small busines                 

                 b) Other staff

                   - cook

                  - watchman

d) External services

                   - accounting i organized and provided by ELCT church

    - external trainers for subjects not covered by the trainers will be hired on an                                      hourly basis

3)      Trainees

-          minimum school grade: form 4

-          good marks in mathematics

-          good knowledge of English

-          strength of character – eager, polite, good teamworker, always

getting ahead

                Trainees will be selected in a transparent, high quality selection process.

4)      Centre-Management

VTC will establish a supervisory board, which will be guided by representatives of

 ELCT (General Secretary)

VETA (Principal of Kagera  VTC)

Local Government


Pincipal Muleba VTC

Parents (part time as needed)

Staff        (part time as needed)    

The daily business of the centre  run by the principal

The board is intended to support and advise on the future  development of the centre and supervise the principal.

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