BUKOBA LUTHERAN SCHOOL (BLSS)


                                                                              The Head master.


Bukoba Lutheran Secondary is owned by the North Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. It started at the premises of Josiah University Collage where by then was Bukoba Lutheran Teachers’ College. The school was opened on 13 January,2016 with 53 students, 2 male teachers, 1 female teacher who served also as the female students matron and one cook who served also as a patron for male students.   Gaps of other required teachers were filled in by either part time- teachers from nearby schools, or tutors Bukoba Lutheran Teachers’ College.

Currently, BLSS has 325 students and 22 staff members. (13 teachers and 9 non teaching staff).

The Diocesan leadership managed to acquire a loan of Tsh. 300 million from CRDB for the school buildings construction and for the initial school running coasts. The loan repayment will be completed on 31.7.2020. Each year the school has to refund Tsh 50,340,786/-.The loan repayment exhausts the school income such that the school fails to accompli some of its development plans.


                                                    Administration  Block

The school shifted where it is now in 2006 and was registered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training on 13th June, 2006, vide Reg. No.S.3568. The school had 8 classrooms, 2 unfurnished laboratories 4 dormitories (2 for male students and 2 for female students). The school had no administration block. One of the classrooms was partitioned to cater for school admission offices. Not until 2010 that the school got its administration block as donation from Evangelical Church in Westfalia through UEM. The administration block was inaugurated on 14.6.2010 by Pastor Dr. Ulrich. We are very grateful indeed for that great support.


                                                 Students in the School library.

School Motto: In God we trust, in brain we invest to deliver the best.

The school has a mission of mentoring the students wholesomely; academically, socially and spiritually so that they become productive wherever they are.

The Vision

To prepare God fearing, knowledge and committed citizens who will give valuable contribution within and outside the country.


The school is facing financial constraints. Moreover, some of the school’s development plans are hindered by various unfavorable education policies to non government schools such as obliging school to pay Development Levy (SDL) and promoting to higher forms even poor performers the school is lacking science teachers due to high demand of those teachers. Retention of science teachers requires more attractive financial package with sometimes the school cannot afford. Due to the scarcity of science teachers, the school hires part- time teachers who some time becomes ineffective. The two laboratories the school has not yet fully furnished. The fixtures are very expensive.



                                                       Confirmation day


Despite the challenges mentioned above, the school, to great extent has achieved its goals of offering quality education and ethics to all the intakes. The school started with 53 students but the number has increased year after. Parents are convinced by the school’s good by the school good performance to bring their children at BLSS. From 2009 (when the school had its first form four output) to 2013, 318 students have completed their ordinary level studies at BLSS. The academic performance has been highly impressive. 317 passed, unfortunately, only one failed. 200 (63%) students qualified and were selected to pursue advanced studies in government High Schools. Most of them now are at universities. The rest other courses and they are doing well. BLSS ranks among the top 10 region wise and among the top 200 out of 3256 in the nation.

Future plans

·         Fund raising for equipping laboratories

·         Purchasing more computers, installation of internet services, and improving the teacher and learning through Samsung Galaxy Tablets

·         Fundraising for construction of staff houses

·         Construction of pit latrines with 10 holes

·         Furnishing the Dining hall with tables and benches.


We always strive to do our best, God does the rest. Together we make a difference.

Fidelis Kabigiza


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