Karagwe diocese: for the first time, on the 9th of December, 2017, Eighty two staff of the North western diocese travelled to Karagwe diocese for the football tournament. The North Western diocese staff was accompanied by the diocesan General Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy General Secretary, pastors and Deaconess.  

                                                                          NWD football team

Their first stop was at Karagwe University College (KARUCO).  Rev. Dr. Katabalo the coordinator of a project gave a short history of (KARUCO) and how far they have gone.

                                                                   KAD football team

NWD staff had enough time to go around to see buildings and the ongoing projects. Many voices of giving big up to the KAD were healed for the big job which they saw by their naked eyes.                                                                        Rev. Dr. Katabalo

                                                              NWD General Secretary

                                                At Karagwe University College

The group picture was taken then they started the journey to the ELCT/KAD Nyakahanga hospital and KAD Central Office, Lukajange where they were warmly received by Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza, Dean Yoram Karusya and the General Secretary, Rev. Anicet  Maganya who were  eagerly waiting for visitors from a sister diocese NWD.  Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza  and Rev. Anicet  Maganya  expressed their happiness on that day and they gave a brief history of Lukajange place.

                                                                    KAD Head Office (Lukajange)

The introductory remarks were done by officials from both sides done during the lunch time at Tegemeo Primary school.

                                                 The Deputy Chairman of Karagwe district

At 3:40pm players and spectators of both sides they were already in their buses to the Kayanga football grounds.  The match was attended Karagwe government leaders including the Deputy Chairman of Karagwe district. 


The match was opened by the prayer which was led Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza where by NWD General Secretary and KAD Bishop went in the ground for wishing good luck to the players.

                                             NWD General Secretary opened the game like this

The game was for 90 minutes and was into two rounds. Up to the end of the game Karagwe diocese scored 1 and NWD 0. The game was super exciting which resulted into a good relation. Both sides were challenged to keep up with the exercises as much as they can. Much congratulation were given to both sides for having good and a friendly match. The next turn the NWD will be the host of the game according to the General Secretary of the   North Western diocese, and he continued to express his sincere thanks to the Karagwe diocese for the electrifying welcoming which made him and his delegation to feel at home.

‘’Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity’’ Psalm 133:1.



 Text by:Petrida Batale

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