The North Western Diocese celebrated the peak of 500 years of reformation and 75 years of partnership between NWD and church of Sweden on 28th October, 2016.

The big event was held at the Lutheran Cathedral in Bukoba town and the guest of honor was Dean Rev. Ingemar Soderstrom who represented the Bishop of the upcoming partner diocese of  Strangnas in Sweden.

The event started with a peaceful rally which was followed a short worship service that was led  by Bishop Dr. A. Keshomshahara in collaboration  with the Chaplain of the Cathedral Rev. Edson Lugemeleza. 

The event attracted government and non government leaders including, Hon. Charles Mwijage, the Minister for Industries, Trade and Investment, Presiding Bishop Emeritus Dr. S. Mushemba, Bishop Emeritus Dr. E. Buberwa, Bishop Dr. B. Bagonza (KAD) and other invited guest from in and outside the country.

During the celebration many events occurred which marked the peak of celebrating 500 years of reformation and 75 anniversary of partnership between NWD and Sweden.The events included the planting of the memorial tree,

Bishop Dr. Keshomshahara receiving the book from Rev.Dr. Josephat Alphonce Rweyemamu

Bishop Keshomshahara inaugurating a book entitled ‘‘Askofu Samson Mushemba : Hazina Itakayodumu''

inauguration of the pastors’ Cassock, inauguration of  a book entitled ‘‘Askofu Samson Mushemba : Hazina Itakayodumu’’written by Rev.Dr. Josephat Alphonce Rweyemamu

The inaugurated Cassock

There was an organized dialogue on Lutheran teachings and challenges of today. Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza from Karagwe diocese presented a very good topic on ‘’joint Declaration of justification by faith’’ Again Bishop Emeritus Elisa Buberwa gave the history of partnership between NWD and church of Sweden.

                                     The dialogue group

                                       Bishop Emeritus Elisa Buberwa

                                      Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza

                                   The guest of honor planting  the memorial tree

Hon. Charles Mwijage, the Minister for Industries, Trade and Investment.

Hon. Charles Mwijage had a time to convey his greetings and he thanked NWD for the invitation and the good work which has been done by the NWD in both spiritual and material aspects.

              Dean Rev. Ingemar Soderstrom

                 Bishop Dr. A. Keshomshahara receiving the gift on behalf of NWD

At the end the guest of Honor Dean Rev. Ingemar delivered his speech, he started by saying that ‘’ am honored to be here and am so  impressed by the North Western dioceses, the time I  have stayed in Bukoba and visiting NWD’s institutions I have a lot of things especially love. You are doing a greatly job to save the community and you are lovely people’’. ‘’In Sweden Bukoba has a special meaning, means amazing and fun place’’. Rev. Ingemar said. He continued by calling upon all people to pray for the partnership as they celebrate 75 years of the partnership between Sweden and NWD.  

Ten choirs including one from Congo and 9 from NWD’s church district decorated the celebration ceremony.    



Text by:Petrida Batale

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